Aqua Terra Shades Watch Replicas

Haima series Aqua Terra Shades watch

The Haima series Aqua Terra Shades watches present a new direction of Eumy eggplant watch technology full of vibrant technology. Omega brings together a series of colorful sea and land tones to the dial so that every wearer can interpret the self-style of the power of color.

From the ocean to the land, the sea-horse series Aqua Terra Shades watch replicas draws inspiration from the diverse colors of nature. The dial is dark blue, lake green, and red pottery color.

The sea Horse series Aqua Terra Shades watches are available in 38 mm and 34 mm sizes. The case is made of refined steel. After polishing, the inside of the eye is equipped with the Omega to Zhen Observatory movement.

In addition, two watches are made of 18K gold, unique to the Omega. The bright golden tone once again interprets the color spirit of the Aqua Terra Shades watch.

Series evolution

In 2002, Omega launched the Aqua Terra watch, which made the hippocampal series richer. In Latin, „AQUA“ means the ocean, and „Terra“ refers to the earth, which aims to pay tribute to the inheritance of Omega’s ocean exploration, and the pioneer spirit and exceptional quality of sea-horse watch across the sea and land.

The innovative spirit and distinctive style of the Haima series Aqua Terra watch complement the upbeat and vibrant lifestyle. Integrating the city’s modernity and the ocean’s creativity is a challenge. Still, after more than 20 years of development, the Aqua Terra watch has become a distinctive and popular wrist choice.

The Haima series Aqua Terra watch is well-favored with its young and vibrant style, excellent magnetic resistance, and accuracy. Today, the launch of the Aqua Terra Shades watch has shifted this series of colors and vitality. At the same time, the movement of Omega to the Observatory also provides the look with solid power and reliable performance.

The dial of the 38mm watch is available in dark blue, laurel green, sandstone, orange and red pottery colors.

The dial of the 34mm watch is available in sea blue, lake green, sandstone, shell pink, and lavender purple.

Dial charm

The dials of the Aqua Terra Shades watch are made of brass, which shows the polishing effect of solar rays from the center to the surrounding area. The dial of each clock is covered with bright paint, and the rich colors are beautiful.

Thanks to the pioneering technology that has been continuously innovative in recent years, Omega can present a unique color tone beyond the past on the watch.

Omega uses PVD technology and CVD technology to create dials with various colors. PVD technology, called Physical Vapor deposition, can give the dial a specific color effect, such as red pottery. CVD technology, called Chemical Vapor Deposition, can achieve specific chemical reactions and present an ideal hue, such as sea blue.

More highlights

Dial highlight

The 34 mm watch is paired with a white 18K gold pointer and the hour scale. The hourly scale is designed with a sailing hull shape. The 38mm watch is matched with a classic plating pointer and hourly scale.

Classic appearance

Adhering to the logo style of the Aqua Terra watch, the case of the Aqua Terra Shades watch is also designed with a symmetrical design. The patient and the crown are made of fine steel and polished. The back of the table is designed with a rippled edge.

The Odarian movement watch has the Omega 8800 to Zhen Observatory movement. Through the rigorous test approved by the Swiss Federal Institute (METAS), its accuracy, anti-magnetic and overall performance have reached the higher standards of the industry.

The bracelet of the renewal bracelet watches is made of stainless steel. The small and exquisite arc-shaped chain festival is newly upgraded, glowing with a new charm.

Various interpretations of multi-faceted colors

To fully show the color vitality and diverse style of the new Haima series Aqua Terra Shades watch, Omega launched the theme advertisement of „multi-faceted color diversity“ to highlight the unique personality of each wearer. The theme of this advertisement interprets self-style. The vibrant shell pink or soft and firm sandstone, the sea Horse series Aqua Terra Shades watch to analyze your story with rich colors.

The new advertising blockbuster was performed by brand celebrity ambassadors Zhou Dongyu and Eddie Redmayne (Eddie Redmayne)—multi-faced charm, excellent showing the vibrant, colorful choice of Aqua Terra Shades watch.

All-gold watch

The Haima series Aqua Terra Shades watch also contains two rich and bright all-gold watches.

The 38mm all-gold swiss replica watches are made of Emi eggplant’s exclusive SEDNA 18K gold. This striking red 18K gold is known for its soft, elegant tone and significant anti-color degeneration.

The watched bezel inlaid 46 shining beautiful diamonds, a total of 1.77 carats. The sandstone color dial is created by CVD technology, showing the polishing effect of solar rays. The circular calendar window is made of SEDNA 18K gold, reflected in the sailing shape’s hour scale and the gray brand logo.

The watch has an Omega 8801 to Zhen Observatory movement, with the Sedna 18K gold watch chain and butterfly buckle.

Another 34mm all-gold watch case is made of Moonshine 18K gold, developed exclusively by Omega. Its color is inspired by the bright moonlight in the late night sky, softer than the traditional yellow 18K golden tone, and more lasting color—higher antioxidant and not easy to fade.

The green lake dial is created by CVD technology, showing the polishing effect of solar rays. The circular calendar window is made of Moonshine 18K gold, refreshing with the hour scale of the sailing shape and the silver brand logo.

The watch with a loose bright green noodle strap and the interior is equipped with the Omega 8801 to the Zhenren Observatory movement.